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We offer family mediation service in Bundaberg Queensland for all manner of disputes. Our mediation service includes parenting, property, inheritance, community, elder, business, relationship and workplace disputes helping parties resolve their issues, ultimately improving relationships and getting to a better headspace.

Our Mediators in Bundaberg are accredited by the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department to provide family mediation services relationships Australia. People choose our service as our practitioners have postgraduate specialisations in law and dispute resolution and are commonly called upon by the key law firms in Bundaberg to resolve family disputes in a confidential mediation setting.

Our fee structure is transparent, offering many elements of the process for no charge and fixed pricing on everything else.

When you engage our services, we will take the time to understand your dispute, identifying underlying issues and past conflict to develop an environment where parties are guided towards making mutually acceptable agreements. We enjoy helping those in dispute and continually strive to provide our clients with the very best possible standard of service.

Bundaberg QLD Availability

Our mediation service is offered from Bundaberg to Far North Queensland. Whether your matter is mediated in person at one of our many venues in the Bundaberg region, online, over the telephone or via video conference, you can rest assured that regardless of where you are located you can engage our services to assist in your dispute.

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Not all Northern Rivers mediators are considered equal. Our service offering is complimented by fixed fee pricing and undertaken in-person, online, by shuttle and over the telephone. Participants to mediation can access our service from wherever they are located - worldwide.

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We are very proud to be the mediation service of some of the Northern Rivers regions top Law Firms, Family Counsellors and Psychologists.

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Step One: Consultation

Have a free consultation with us and then complete a paid assessment.

Step Two: Mediation

Parties then participate in mediation conference.

Step Three: Documentation

We will draft all the necessary documentation for you.


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