Mediation of Property Disputes

Splitting property after separation or divorce is a daunting and stressful time for both parties and in times like these, you might need to resolve property disputes among one another. It is common that differences of opinion emerge as to who contributed more to the property pool as is the fear of potentially not having enough for the future.

This can be particularly stressful for those approaching their latter years. Parties also need to be mindful of the effects of property division on the child and things like the family home.


Some of the assets that are commonly negotiated in the mediation process includes the family home, investment properties, shares, cash, savings, superannuation, cars, motorcycles, boats, intellectual property, businesses and their assets, trust property and much more. The mediator will assist the parties towards agreeing what is considered as part of the property pool and will work with the parties towards a mutually agreeable outcome.


Assets aside, parties also need to negotiate accrued or expected debts. Some liabilities that are common in family mediation include mortgages, credit card debt, store cards, outstanding personal loans, private loans, buy now pay later debts, car loans, boat loans, motorcycle loans and loans between family members.

Mediation conference

We have a team of highly experienced dispute resolution practitioners that have legal backgrounds that understand the complex needs of separating couples and the highly sensitive approach necessary for the handling and resolution of property disputes.

Generally speaking, a party to a dispute should first seek appropriate advice as to what their options are. You may instruct your legal practitioner to get in touch with us on your behalf and they can refer you directly.

Many parties find that mediation offers a safe, comfortable and open platform in which they can negotiate freely and with confidence. This is made even better with our online or remote mediation platform that offers parties cost-effective, prompt and professional mediation with a minimal amount of fuss.


We can draft a property agreement for you for a nominal fee. You can then take this agreement to your legal professional and they can take the necessary steps to have the agreement made enforceable by the courts.

Property Disputes Fees?

Our fees are the most competitive in the industry and can be viewed here.

What’s the next step?

  1. Book an obligation free initial consult with one of our accredited Mediators.
  2. Complete our online property intake & assessment.
  3. We will invite the other party to complete their intake & assessment.
  4. If not eligible you will be advised.
  5. If eligible both parties will be sent a link to secure their mediation date.


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