Relationship Mediation Fees

Relationship Mediation Costs

Our fees are simple, market leading and transparent.


Step One: 15 Minute Consultation

We provide a 15 minute free consultation so we can get to know one another and for us to make an initial assessment as to the suitability of your matter for mediation and for our practice.

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Step Two: Intake and Assessment

The Client Intake and Case Assessment is carried out by telephone with includes a 24 hour guaranteed case assessment for $199 inclusive of GST per party.

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Step Three: Mediation Session

We offer 2/4/6/8 hour time slots for mediation with a tiered discount for those requiring more.

2 Hours is $850 per couple  Purchase Now

4 Hours is $1,500 per couple – Discounted $260*  Purchase Now

Please note: For relationship mediation it is unlikely that more than a 4 hour mediation time slot is necessary.


Step Four: Documentation Drafting

After the mediation, we can draft any agreements met between the couple.

Basic Agreements are charged at our hourly rate.

Complex Agreements are charged at our hourly rate.


Other Services

We also offering the following:

30 Minute Conflict Coaching Sessions (Online) $220 Purchase Now

Hourly Rate for Mediation Overtime $440 Purchase Now



*Savings and discounts are based on hourly rates and or prices of individual purchases.


Relaxed & Successful Early Intervention Mediation.

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