Family Mediation Documentation

Depending on dispute that’s being mediated, from time to time you will need mediation documentation to provide evidence that you have participated in mediation and or have or have not come to an agreement, which is a requirement for many court processes.

Dispute Resolution Certificates

A number of courts have now imposed the regulatory precondition of parties making a genuine attempt to resolve issues in mediation prior to applying to the court, which is then evidenced by a practitioner issued certificate.

For example, should a party wish to make an Application for Orders in the Family Court, two certificates must be provided to the court as evidence that one or more parties attempted to resolve the dispute in mediation. This is known as a s60 Certificate and a Dispute Resolution Certificate which can only be issued by accredited family dispute resolution practitioners at their discretion.

Documentation for parenting and property disputes

There are number of documents that you may need for your matter:

  • Parenting Plan
  • Property Agreement
  • General Agreement
  • Deed of Release

We draft these documents for forwarding to you and or your legal practitioner.

As noted above, Section 60i Certificates and Dispute Resolution Certificates are mandatory documents for the Family Court.

Review of important documents

There may also be documents in which we may need to review for your matter before we can proceed:

  • Parenting order
  • Domestic violence order
  • Child-related orders

Our FDRPs will ask you if there are any orders in effect during your intake. It is very important for you to disclose any orders and make them available for our review. By not disclosing those orders you may be in breach which could have a detrimental effect on you imposed by a court.

Our cost to review documents

To keep our costs low for our clients we don’t build ‘potential costs’ into our fee structure. You only pay for what you need and our prices are fixed.

To provide our clients with certainty we charge a fixed fee of any documents that are required to be reviewed or drafted.

What’s the process to get started?

It is really simple.

    1. Book an obligation free initial consult with one of our FDRPs
    2. Complete our Online Assessment or Phone Assessment
    3. Submit any relevant documents for your matter
    4. We will invite the other party to complete their Intake & Assessment
    5. If not eligible you will be offered a Certificate and we will send you a link for payment
    6. If eligible both parties will be sent a link to secure their mediation date.


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