International Family Mediation

International Family Mediation

Our organisation offers international family mediation, providing specialised expertise in the resolution of family disputes across international borders.

Our Family Mediators are accredited by the Australian Government and provide specialised dispute resolution sessions with parties that are going through separation and divorce, for parenting and property matters.


‍Whats the process?

  1. The initiating party has a consultation and screening assessment with one of our Family Mediators
  2. We send an invitation to mediate to the other party and an assessment is undertaken
  3. A mediation conference is arranged and all parties participate by video conferencing
  4. Section 60 and Dispute Resolution Certificate is issued (where required)
  5. Agreements are drafted and sent to the parties or their legal representatives


Why utilise Family Mediation?

Where family members fall into dispute, mediation has shown to be a successful medium to resolve parenting and property issues, in so far as 85% of matters in family mediation settle. Our parenting platform is focused on the well-being and long term development of the children and creating mutually acceptable and sustainable agreements, that have the potential of developing communicative ability between the parties.


What is the role of our Mediators?

Our Mediators role is to:

  • determine whether mediation is suitable for the parties to resolve their dispute
  • facilitate discussion and agreements focused on the children of the relationship
  • remain as an independent party in the discussions
  • provide advise around the legislative process of family mediation

Our team of mediators are experienced in all facets of family dispute and have a keen interest and expertise in culturally and linguistically diverse matters, regardless of the location of the clients.

All Mediation for Families Mediators are qualified and accredited by the Commonwealth Government. In addition to their Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) qualification, many of our mediators are also qualified psychologists, lawyers and social workers.

‍Legal Advice

We do not provide legal advice. All clients have the right to seek legal advice throughout the mediation process and are strongly encouraged to do so.

What are the Fees?

We do not receive any government funding and charge our fees on a pay as you go basis. Unlike other organisations, we do not charge fees for sundry items or correspondence. Where translation services are required, we will provide an itemised quote prior to the mediation conference.

We do note that our fees are the most competitive in the industry and can be viewed here. If you still have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

We have made the process simple.

  1. Book an obligation free initial consult with one of our FDRPs
  2. Complete our Standard Intake & Assessment (online) or book a Priority Intake & Assessment (by phone)
  3. We will invite the other party to complete their Intake & Assessment
  4. If not eligible you will be offered a s.60 certificate and we will send you an online link.
  5. If eligible both parties will be sent a link to secure their mediation date.


We are Affordable, Experienced and have Fast Booking Times,

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