Mediation of Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance Disputes matters arise more often than most would think. However, the costs associated with challenging a will or defending a claim on the estate can be costly, timely and uncertain. The mix of family members and a dispute quickly see emotions running wild, which can cause irreparable damage to relationships.

Common Inheritence Disputes

  • Family provision application
  • Will maker’s capacity
  • Duress, or undue influence on will-maker at time of making will
  • Disputes between Executors
  • Informal Wills
  • Court made Wills
  • Validity of a Will
  • Executors defending a Will against those seeking a greater share of an estate
  • No existence of a valid Will

If you have any of the problems mentioned above, request a free consultation to get the process of Inheritance Disputes Mediation started.


Firstly, it can potentially save close relationships. Mediation enables parties to come together to construct a plan that suits both parties that can substantially reduce costs to the estate, costs to the complainant and promptly bring an end to imposing threats of litigation.

We are engaged by law firms, private clients and executors.

When you engage us as your mediator, we will take the time to understand the dispute from both parties point of view, narrow down the key issues in dispute and explore the issues with the parties, working towards possible options and negotiated solutions.


Our mediators have considerable mediation experience in addition to possessing legal backgrounds and postgraduate education in wills and estates bringing knowledge to estate trustees, beneficiaries, business owners, those under power of attorney and charitable beneficiaries rather than the somewhat rigid, complex, timely and costly court process.

Inheritance Dispute Fees?

Our fees are the most competitive in the industry an can be viewed here.

How do we get started?

It is really simple.

  1. Book a obligation free initial consult with one of our Mediators
  2. Complete our intake questionnaire
  3. Submit any relevant documents for your matter
  4. We will invite the other party to complete their Intake & Assessment
  5. If eligible both parties will be sent a link to secure their mediation date.


Experienced, Knowledgeable, Cost Effective & Prompt Mediation Service.

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