Relationship Mediation & Dispute Resolution

It is a structured mediation to assist families and couples in resolving their disputes and enables and develops their skill sets in communicating in times of conflict. Many clients use this as a form of communicative therapy in their relationship, to assist in developing a healthy and sustainable relationship. Not all couples coming to mediation are going through the separation or divorce process.

How Can it Assist?

One or both of you may feel unhappy or frustrated with aspects of your relationship but can’t change them, irrespective of the effort to communicate to each other.

Relationship mediation can assist – it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation, background, or marital status is. Engaging with our mediator can assist the parties in approaching issues in a matter of different ways.

Each mediation session lasts 60 minutes. The initial session is an assessment session, allowing you to discuss your issues with the mediator and for us to assess how we may help you. If ongoing conflict management is appropriate, all parties will agree to continue the work at a regular time that is collective ably suitable. We strive to provide a flexible mediation service tailored to the actual needs of every client taking into account the individual sensitivity of particular matters.

Couples Considering Separation and Divorce

Relationship mediation is also suitable for those couple of whom are considering separation or divorce.

We can assist parents steer towards a positive family change.

Conflict issues that can be helped by relationship mediation:

  • conflicts and anger
  • poor communication
  • parenting issues
  • commitment
  • life transitions

What are the Fees?

Our fees are the most competitive in the industry an can be viewed here.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

We have made the process simple.

  1. Book a obligation free initial consult with one of our FDRPs
  2. We will give you a time for a 2hr session
  3. Both parties will have a 30 minute session each prior to session


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