Family Mediation Process

Why use Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)?

Family Dispute Resolution (family mediation) is the most effective way of resolving parenting and property disputes.

Why choose us over publicly funded family mediation services?

Unlike publicly funded organisations, mediations can be arranged with us within 2 weeks.

How does mediation work?

Mediation is a process designed to help parties reach an agreement.

All parties will be able to work through their issues with the mediator(s) and discover options in a safe manner.

What happens at the initial consultation

The mediator will:

  • Discuss the process of mediation
  • Obtain information about the circumstances
  • Consider the best way to mediate
  • Make an assessment whether there are barriers to the mediation being successful

Arranging the mediation?

We will invite the other party to resolve the dispute through mediation and will have an initial consultation with them.

What if they don’t want to attend the mediation?

We can issue a certificate that will allow you to have the court determine your dispute.

How long does mediation take?

Generally, from half to a full day.


Our fee structure is transparent and affordable. You can also obtain a 10% discount code by visiting our discount page.

Please visit our Fee Schedule page for our fixed fee pricing.

Our role as mediator

We are a neutral party that will assist you in reaching an agreement.

How to start resolving your dispute?

Call us on 1300 LETS CHAT or email

What will happen at the mediation?


The mediation will discuss the process, their role and the rules of mediation.

Hearing each other

Each person will tell the mediator what they hope to achieve at the mediation. The mediator will then discuss common ground.

Setting agenda

The mediator will outline all proposed topics on a whiteboard seeking agreement from the parties about the topics and the order of discussion.

Helping you both towards resolution

The mediator will assist you in exploring the issues and will work with the parties to explore possible options

Give you a break from the mediation

The mediator will give have an individual discussion with each party to assist the parties in developing solutions.

Helping you exchange ideas and reach agreement

The mediator will enable you to put forward proposals to reach agreement.


The mediator will draft agreements where requested detailing agreements met in mediation.



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