Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We provide a neutral mediation service for commercial litigation & disputes resolutions.

Our mediator has experience as not only as a mediator but as a solicitor, company director and as board member. We know, acknowledge, appreciate and understand how to deal with and assist parties negotiate through complex business problems from a pragmatic but engaging innovative theoretical perspectives and practices.

Who Engages Us to Mediate?

We offer our services to the following sectors:

  • private clients
  • private organisations
  • public companies
  • trade unions
  • government bodies
  • court appointment
  • contract nomination
  • schools and universities
  • not for profits

If you sector is not listed above, please get in contact for a confidential discussion regarding our services.

Common Business Disputes

Our mediators can provide cost-effective and prompt mediation in the following areas:

  • contractual disputes
  • business purchase/sale
  • employee agreements
  • distributor agreement
  • contractor agreements
  • employee grievances/complaint
  • negligence
  • consumer disputes
  • intellectual-property
  • insolvency
  • franchisee/franchisor
  • international trade disputes

If you have any of the problems mentioned above within your business, request a free consultation to get the process of Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution started.

Commercial Litigation Fees?

Our fees are the most competitive in the industry and can be viewed here. If you still have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What’s the next step?

  1. Book a obligation free initial consult with one of our accredited Mediators
  2. Purchase and book your Client Intake and Assessment
  3. We will invite the other party to complete their intake & assessment
  4. If not eligible you will be advised
  5. If eligible both parties will be sent a link to secure their mediation date.
  6. Participate in mediation conference
  7. We will draft the necessary agreements


Engage Us for Prompt, Professional & Cost Effective Resolution of Your Dispute.

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