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Mediation for Families are one of Australia's leaders in private practice family mediation. People in dispute and professional organisations such as law firms, psychologists and counsellors choose and refer our service because we offer mediators that are experienced, accredited, friendly and ready to understand you matter and work with both parties in a professional, unbiased and effective manner helping parties develop long term agreements.

Our family mediation services are offered Australia Wide whether its in-person, online or via teleconference. Our fees are consistently benchmarked against our colleagues that offer the same or similar expertise to ensure the best value for our clients. Our policies and fees are transparent and are available to all our clients.

Our specialist family mediation services include parenting, property, elder, inheritance, community, business and workplace disputes as well as the drafting of agreements met in mediation.

When you engage our services, you can rest assured that you will have an experienced Mediator that has considerable practical experience in dealing with your type of dispute, and that the Mediator will hold the latest accreditation with the Attorney General’s Department in Canberra (FDRP) , current accreditation with the Mediator Standards Board (NMAS) and will hold postgraduate specialisations in dispute resolution, law and social sciences. Our Mediators will always ensure you are well prepared throughout the process and you will also have a dedicated case manager you can reach out to.

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Experienced in all matter of disputes

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