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We offer family mediation services in Canberra for a range of disputes. Our mediation service includes parenting, property, inheritance, community, elder, business, relationship and workplace disputes.

When you engage our mediation services, we take the time to fully understand your dispute, identifying the issues and past conflict to develop an environment where parties are guided towards making mutually acceptable agreements. We enjoy helping those in dispute and continually strive to provide our clients with the very best possible standard of service.

Our Mediators in Canberra are accredited by the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department to provide family mediation services Australia-wide. People choose our service as our practitioners have postgraduate specialisations in law and dispute resolution and are frequently called upon by major law firms to resolve family disputes in a confidential mediation setting.

If you need professional help with resolving disputes and reaching agreements, contact Mediation for Families today. We provide knowledgeable, empathetic and accredited family mediation services Canberra-wide.

What is Family Mediation?

Most people are aware of mediation in divorce and custody disagreements, but skilled mediation can help resolve disputes around any issue — from inheritance disputes to making decisions related to caring for elderly parents.

Family mediation in Canberra involves both parties meeting with a professional, neutral mediator to work through conflict and achieve a mutually acceptable agreement. While our mediators understand family law, we refrain from offering legal advice and instead focus on resolving issues and bridging differences as an unbiased intermediary.

Examples of situations in which a mediator can help avoid or resolve conflict include:

  • Asset division, child custody, and child support arrangements during divorce.
  • Disputes over inheritances.
  • Disagreements over living arrangements for a disabled family member.
  • Decisions about an elderly parent’s healthcare.
  • Issues around the relationship of grandparents with their minor grandchildren, especially in the context of divorce and remarriage.

Our Services

At Mediation for Families, we help families, communities, and professionals settle disputes in a wide range of areas, from parenting to property management. Our mediation services include:

  • Parenting: Our accredited FDR practitioners give you the support you need to pinpoint and work out co-parenting conflicts.
  • Property: Property disputes during separation and divorce are draining, stressful, and often preventable. Our skilled mediators help you negotiate the division of all joint assets and liabilities.
  • Inheritance: Conflicts over inheritance can add strain to an already challenging time. We help families communicate and reach agreements in situations like contested wills or disputes between beneficiaries and will executors.
  • Elder: We use sensitive and empathetic elder mediation to help seniors and their families develop workable plans regarding living arrangements, healthcare, property management, and more.
  • Community: Our skilled mediators can prevent minor neighbour disputes from growing into unresolvable conflict.
    Workplace: We offer effective workplace mediation that helps preserve inter-team relationships, creates a healthier company culture, and lowers the risk of employee lawsuits.
  • Business: Not every business conflict has to end in litigation. Mediation can resolve contractual disputes, employee grievances, problematic distributor agreements and more.
  • Documentation: We draft any necessary mediation-related documentation, like dispute resolution certificates, parenting plans, financial agreements, and deeds of release.

Why Mediation?

In some situations, family mediation in Canberra is a legal requirement. For example, by law, divorcing families must go through Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), a mediation process that helps both parties communicate and make parenting decisions together.

However, even when mediation isn’t legally required, it can be a game changer in many family, property, and business conflicts. Mediation can:

  • Cut legal costs. While mediation costs money, it is almost always more affordable than taking legal action.
  • Save time. A mediation session may resolve your conflict in a couple of hours. In contrast, a legal process may take months or even years.
  • Maintain control. Once a case goes to court, you must abide by the judge’s decision. Mediation gives both parties the flexibility to settle disputes on their terms.
  • Preserve relationships. Often, the two parties are family members or co-parents. Resolving a dispute on friendly terms may prevent close relationships from falling apart.

How Much Does Family Mediation Cost?

The cost of family mediation depends on how many mediation hours you require to resolve your situation. At Mediation for Families, we offer a range of mediation packages to suit every need. Our fee structure is transparent, offering many parts of the process for no charge and fixed pricing on everything else.

A two-hour mediation time slot, one of our most popular options, costs $440. Booking a mediator for an entire day (eight hours) costs significantly less per hour. However, a full day of mediation isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone.

From time to time we may stagger our sessions to ensure a better environment for disputing parties. We also offer a fixed-fee mediation package for two-party parenting and property disputes.

Our team will be happy to explain all about our fee options and suggest the solution that provides the best value for your family.

Accredited Family Mediation in Canberra: Mediation for Families

Does family conflict threaten to drain your finances and ruin your relationships? Mediation for Families is here to help fix family disputes before they take control. Our experienced and compassionate family mediators can help you achieve a reasonable agreement, preserve family relationships, and avoid costly litigation. To learn more about how family mediation in Canberra can help you work through conflict, contact us today to schedule a free 15-minute initial consultation.

Canberra Wide & Beyond Availability

Our mediation service is offered throughout Canberra and beyond in the ACT and NSW. Whether your matter is mediated in person at one of our many venues across Canberra, online, over the telephone or via video conference, you can rest assured that regardless of where you are located you can engage our services to assist in your dispute. Make an appointment today for a free 15 minute consultation.





Family Mediation Canberra
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Not all mediation practices are considered equal. Our service offering is complimented by fixed fee pricing and undertaken in-person, online, by shuttle and over the telephone. Participants to mediation can access our service from wherever they are located - worldwide.

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